Games from Brakesoft

The Forgotten Guardians

Join Guardians in their glorious defense of the ancient temple and its mythical powers! Devise strategies against the storming enemy and control the course of the battle!


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Swift: Galaxy Trails

Meet Swift and embark on a journey across galaxies as you run past countless dangers in this new action packed adventure.

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“Hopper’s Musical Adventure” is a simple game designed for  computer science enthusiasts. It is a game of patience, determination, entertainment, and frustration. 

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Alcohol Logo Quiz

Guess the famous brands of alcohol from all around the world. Download in appstore

You party every weekend but do you remember the drinks which got you wasted?


Now you can learn about best brands of alcohol and make your party more fun.


Are you boring or loving? Do you want to know about your personality and find out weakness and strengths? Then test your personality WITH PERSONALITY PREDICTOR!

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