New Game Reveal

New Game Reveal

Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another one of our blogs from our blog series! Have you heard rumors? Are we creating a new game? What kind of game is it ? What could it be? Keep reading to get more information about our new game reveal!

The Forgotten Guardians! That is the game we are currently in the last stages of developing. Our team is hard at work making the best possible version of our game for your enjoyment. And our soft launch is creeping closer and closer!

Game banner with text the forgotten guardians and soldiers storming in the background to attack the temple

The Forgotten Guardians

The Forgotten Guardians! We will be promoting our newest game on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All links will be down below. Be sure to follow us for more insights while we are developing. And have a chance to be the first to know about new material and secrets!

Reasons for New Game Reveal Genre

Factual reasons for new game reveal

Why did we choose a puzzle game? We wanted to make a game where you need to turn your mind on. You will need to defend your tower from all the evil villians. We will create a whole other blog introducing the characters, so no worries there. Our team chose to do a kind of puzzle game to make our players more interestes, since the top mobile games at the moment are puzzle games. To the right is a screenshot showing exactly why a puzzle game was the way to go.

Where to Find Us and What's Next

As always, follow our social medias (linked below) and be sure to tell us what you think about the game! We will be sharing a forum where everyone can tell us what they think or would change about the game. Stay Tuned!

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