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Life is full of activities from the bed to the bed. But have you realized our activities, lifestyle and everyday life is based on science? Have you ever thought about computer science has a direct relation to our life? If not you will start to think about it after reading this blog. Here we are talking about how computer programming can be learned with daily life experiences too. Our book “Coding alphabets for kids” has illustrated very well the most used or most common programming terms and that relation to life”. Here is one example.

Step-by-step rules to bake a cake
Algorithm for making cake in everyday life, like in computer programming

In computer programming, an algorithm is a step by step sets of rules or instructions to accomplish a goal. It is something you do every day that requires multiple steps to complete it. As illustrated in the image think of making a cake. How do you make a cake? You have to follow the receipt step-by-step in specific order to come up with a tasty cake. Same things are applied in computer science too. With this example can you write an algorithm for cleaning the kitchen?


Everyone learns to read and write by learning the alphabets in the first place. You can only write codes if you know the ABC’s of programming language.Learning about computer programming can bring your ideas to life. Technology and computers are going to be a growing part of everything we’ll do in the future. Kids learn A= Apple, A= Airplane etc similar way you can learn A= Algorithm, A= Arrays, A= Abstraction in a programming language which are most common terms used in coding.


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