Announcing our new game: The Forgotten Guardians!

Hello all and welcome back to our Game Dev Coffee Chat -series! Today we would like to announce the working title of our new game scheduled for 2022 release: The Forgotten Guardians! Our whole team is excited to finally be able to release the title and tell all of you a bit more about our game, strap your seatbelts and let’s go!

The Forgotten Guardians origin story starts from the aftermath of Swift: The Galaxy Trails and the changes in the team Brakesoft went through then, like we talked about in our previous blog post here. Team was at a crossroads and the idea of making a tower defence game was brought up. Fast forward to this date, we have The Forgotten Guardians in development. 

Originally this game was envisioned to be a more space-themed game, towers being more military oriented. We have come a long way since those days. Our scenery and theme has shifted towards the old Temple and to medieval times since then. This shift has been the by-product of our talented artists and brainstorming sessions within the team before kick-starting the actual development process in Unity.

 Forgotten Temple

As the sun rises above the jungle, something curious has been discovered in the midst of thick growth of the jungle by humans, hunting for wonders of the past.. This long ago lost Temple is not the resting place of valuables like diamonds or gold.. There is something way more precious to be found here..

In the depths of the Temple lies the Core, created and sealed away thousands years ago to be preserved if the Creators of this wonder ever decide to return.. Their whereabouts are unknown. What happened to them? What is the purpose of this construction? Is there a chance they would return some day?

Human Invasion

Human invaders of the Temple had heard a tale of ages past, about this precious Core and unlimited energy it provides.. Quest to find this Core was envisioned and finally after years of searching it has paid out.. Humans are set to harvest this unlimited energy to power their own machinations.

But after a while invading humans realize the stories they heard did not tell about defence measures left in place to protect the Core by the Creators.. Accessing this Temple and ravaging the Core for personal gain turned out to be a more perilous task than anticipated.. A new scheme must be hatched to conquer the Temple from The Forgotten Guardians..

So, what are The Forgotten Guardians?

The Guardians were built to protect the inhabitants of the temple, who had been sealed away within its depths. Not only this, but also guarding the Core of the Temple was vital, for it keeps everything in the temple alive.

However, not every Creator chose to be preserved in this way. A chosen few took it as their sacred duty to protect the temple in case it was ever discovered. They infused their souls with the Guardians, becoming one with them. If ever discovered, they would be the first to answer the call.

Each of the Guardians will unleash incredible powers to defend the Temple and its Core when in peril. These mysterious Guardians might very well be the only thing standing between complete annihilation of the Earth if the power of The Core falls into the wrong hands..

What do you do as a player?

Your mission as a player is to ensure that human invaders do not reach the Core of the Temple and cause the extinction event for the whole human species. You will achieve this by strategically placing the Guardian towers to locations on each level. Be warned, it will get harder on each level!

We will dive deeper into the mechanics of the game in a later post and tell you what kind of innovation we plan to bring into the tower defence-genre as a whole! Now I would like to thank you for reading this far and encourage you to follow our journey here on the blog for future Game Dev Coffee Chats about our development process.

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