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Social Media

Hello and welcome back to our blog series. Today we will go over what social media accounts BrakeSoft is utilizing, why, and how to find us. We conducted some research on why indie games should use social media and which social media we should use.

Social Media

Our Social Media Accounts



Our first channel is Instagram. We use Instagram since it is a good place to brand ourselves and show off pictures and/or videos of what we are doing next. We are also able to give behind the scenes action directly to our followers. And as far as the video content goes, it is perfect for sharing trailers for upcoming games.

Another channel we use is Facebook. Facebook is the best channel for seeing the insights behind different posts and likes. We can easily see what our followers and potential followers are into and then shape our content funnel to better answer those demands.

Twitter & Youtube

We are also looking into utilizing Twitter and Youtube more. Twitter would help us stay relevant within the indie gaming community and share our thoughts and ideas easily. While Youtube would allow us to easily introduce characters, share gameplay, release trailers, and even have some streams.

These are the channels we currently have and are looking into, if you have any of these channels be sure to give us a follow and let us know what kind of content you would like to see! All the links wioll be down below like always. Stay tuned for our next post!

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