The beginning of Game Dev Coffee Chat

Hey there gamers, developers and coffee lovers! We here at Brakesoft have missed you and blogging during our hiatus. In order to kick things off properly, we have decided to launch a new blog series called Game Dev Coffee Chat.

As mentioned, it really has been a while since we last posted something, and we’re sorry about that. After launching our previous game, Hopper’s musical adventure, there has been a bit of a radio silence on our part. As many of you reading surely know, launching a game is both an exciting and an exhausting process. Thus, our team decided to take a little break to recuperate and to charge our drained batteries.

Now, many moons later, we’re ready to roll back into the action. And what a better way to kick-off our new journey than by a fresh, new blog series. In this Game Dev Coffee Chat series, we’ll discuss all the different things that indie game developers are bound to face and share our personal learning experiences. With that out of the way, grab your coffee, and let’s delve deeper into today’s main topic: turning a new leaf.

Indie devs never give up

After our last game, our team went through a complete change, leaving us with only one original member, the founder, Apil Karki. He was left with a taxing task to build a new team from a scratch. However, many indie devs have experienced something similar and when you have the utmost desire, nothing can stop you. Indie developers need to be dreamers, believers and executors, and Apil is no different. He didn’t falter when the team went their separate ways. Instead, he knew that struggle is part of life and as long as you never give up, a light will shine through the darkness. To cut a long story short, a new team started working at Brakesoft during the spring of this year, but our troubles were not yet over.

Bounce back stronger  with coffee

We tried to bounce back earlier this year and started working on a new game. However, we soon found ourselves lost and clueless in front of the project’s scope. This led us to make a very difficult decision to extend our break and to take a step back. Sometimes taking a step back is something necessary for a new beginning and progress. It can be an eye-opening experience that results in newfound inspiration and motivation. However, sometimes taking a step back can also lead to discoveries and resolutions that ultimately cause the project to die. Unfortunately, the aforementioned happened for us and we decided not to pursue that game further.

After a little further extension for our extended break, our talented and rejuvenated team is once again ready to create an exciting new game. We will talk about our development journey and the tiny victories we have achieved during it in the future Game Dev Coffee Chats, so remember to stay tuned.

New day, new game 

As many of you surely know, growth is a part of indie development. Hence, with this new game we wanted to challenge ourselves and expand our gaming horizons. With our previous game, we wanted to encourage children to learn coding. However, our current game is made purely with entertainment in mind. Originally, we wanted to explore more mature and deeper themes with this game. Nevertheless, as many of you already know, things often change during the actual production phase. Yet, even amidst these changes and new paths, our desire to entertain still remains the same.

Hence, without further ado, we proudly present you our new game:


Swift: Galaxy Trails

Swift: Galaxy Trails tells a story of adventure and wonder. This galaxy defying tale mixes a touching story with action-packed gameplay, merged with stunning visuals and captivating sound track. The launch is just around the corner and we’ll share more details and tales of our development process with the upcoming weeks in these Game Dev Coffee Chat posts.

With this, you are cordially invited to join us on our adventure across the galaxy. So buckle up and grab your cup coffee, because our journey is just starting.

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