Want To Be a Gamer Anytime and Anywhere?

Want To Be a Gamer Anytime and Anywhere? Try Our New Mobile Game!

Hello, and welcome back to our blog series Gamer! We are hard at work developing our newest game The Forgotten Guardians! This post will dive deep into what our game is and why we think everyone should try it out.

Gamer beware!

Sneak Peak at Characters/Theme.

BrakeSoft and Why We Think You Should Be a Gamer:

Mobile Gaming and it's Benefits:

We are creating a new game with a new team. There are many ideas and many different backgrounds in our team. Our team is always expanding since we are mostly offering students internships, so most only stay for a little while. Our team, having so many students, ends up being very diverse. Since there are a lot of people from outside Finland who come just to study here. The new game we are developing is a chance for everyone to have an ‘escape’.

Playing mobile games gives you the ability to engage at a close level and escape your ‘real life’ for a bit, since these games require you to be engaged and concentrate fully. Our game involves creativity and the chance to design your play in many different ways. We aim for you to use your fast thinking and adaptability to challenge you while completing each level.

Currently, we live in the golden age of gaming. Mobile gaming is even up to holding 57% of the whole gaming industry. As well as our phones becoming more powerful. For many of us our free time is spent gaming, and why wait to get home when you could be playing outside while waiting for your bus, class to start, or your friends to meet you? When your game is right there in your hand your time will be spent engaging your mind and having fun in times that are not always fun. 

Mobile gaming is not affected by your gender, social status, or age. Our mobile game is for everyone! We are trying to affect all our gamers positively, by helping with competitiveness and helping with problem-solving. We all can see that the gaming industry is growing, but the mobile gaming industry is not only growing, but also integrated in our everyday lives. 

More Benefits of Being a Mobile Gamer

For many people mobile gaming helps overcome roadblocks, brainfarts, and increases productivity. For example, mobile gaming boosts your problem-solving skills and can help you think more critically. They also allow you to recharge. When taking just a few minutes to take a step back from work, school, or any other problem, you can help recharge your battery and reduce stress. Lastly, mobile games can help be a creative outlet for you. Many mobile games provide a stimulus that gets your creative jucies flowing.

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Our Guardians Waiting for Battle.

Why Choose Our Game: The Forgotten Guardians?

Our game is a strategy focused game. Our levels are not too long and can easily be completed as a short break anytime of the day. We are aiming to challenge your strategic thinking and keep you engaged in the gaming experience. If you want to read more on this topic, check out one of our older blogs about a similar topic, to get there click here!

Make sure to download our game in the soft launch and send us any questions or comments and we will try our best to fix or change your concerns.

Thank You For Reading Gamer!

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