Does coding increases curiosity of kids?


Curiosity flow.


Curiosity level increases and decrease throughout your life depending on where are you, who is with you and especially what you do. Curiosity is key to learning.

Before kids start to speak let’s say after one year, they point at things with their finger or watch where their parents are watching. Pointing finger to some objects is because they are interested in it, they are curious. research says if babies are given the objects they are pointing to, they learn that the function of pointing is getting things. if they are told the name of the object, they come to think of it as a way of getting answers. If they get neither? they stop pointing but the curious babies will never stop pointing because they really want to learn about it. The level of curiosity completely depends on the family too. Just like the saying “rich get richer” curious kids get more return from the same effort than kids with lower base knowledge.

What happens if you bring a cute puppy to the classroom? The curiosity level will be different for each kid in the class. some might want to touch and hold the puppy, some do not want to touch, some might be interested to know about where is her mom, some might want to feed them because they think it’s hungry and so on. So the curiosity in the classroom must be encouraged for the better learning.

if other inventions and objects make kids curious, does coding makes them curious? In this digital world, are kids curious about how it is made, are they aware of the potential of the digital devices? Research says kids are more curious about digital devices than other objects. They keep asking are there people inside the tv, they are amazed when they video chat, they want to play and play video games and learn more about it. Once kids know all these things are done with coding they start to think about their own creation and plan to achieve. Coding surely makes kids curious because they can create what they want. Kids can become next innovator if they start coding in early age.


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