We create, you play

It’s all about learning

We create, you play

It’s all about learning


About us

Brakesoft is an independent game development studio located in Tampere, Finland. We are an enthusiastic, creative, skilled, energetic and hard working team. Our main aim is to create games of patience, determination, entertainment, frustration, and education. We believe in team work and helping each other. In right circumstances, we are ready to co-operate with like minded peoples and companies.


In this digital world as new devices, from smartphone to tablet to computers to electronic learning toys, the challenging question arises about how to define developmentally appropriate activities and content for children of different ages. Computers and smartphones offer new ways of representing and interacting with information. The popularity and advancement in the technology have made easier to have fun, get entertained and learn new things easily.

Our main mission is to create dynamic, engaging, addictive, entertaining and unique educational games which teach fundamental of coding to young kids. More than programming we focus on computational thinking for kids. We believe that everyone should learn about coding to create the better world and to solve everyday problems easily. We want to help kids become next Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and it should start from very early stage.


Our vision is to make the education more fun, creative and innovative. We want to be one of the global companies to help people to learn by playing.


For investors, media and customers looking for software development, mobile apps & game development please contact :

+358 40 1780 995