New gameplay demo – Christmas present from Brakesoft

Ho, ho, ho and welcome to the Christmas party edition of Game Dev Coffee Chat! Today we are going to celebrate the launch of our The Forgotten Guardians new gameplay demo and start the festivities! Christmas is a time for all of us to unwind, relax and what better way to do that than see  our astonishing demo. Let’s chat a bit about what we have in store for you dear players.

If you prefer a video format, we have this amazing video with our Lead Game Designer to choose from here. In the video our lead game designer Emmi tells a bit more about the development process. She mentions a few game features in the video that are not testable yet on the demo version of The Forgotten Guardians like the skill tree, which will bring even more depth into the gameplay.

Scrolling a bit more down is also advised with a video showcasing more of our core gameplay! On that note: Our goal is to get the gameplay demo to all of you for downloading before Christmas-eve. Follow us in Twitter & Instagram to get the latest updates on that!

What is under Brakesoft Christmas-tree?

Brakesoft has been working with the game for ~5 months now and we are finally ready to launch the first three levels of the game. What would be a better time to launch this than just before Christmas as a present from us, to you. Testing out the game and get feedback from the players to develop the best possible product in the end.

Demo version of The Forgotten Guardians consists of the first 3 levels of the game and in that sense it is just a sneak peek into the whole game. Art style is pixel art in the design and our artists have done astonishing jobs with the first three levels. Here is one level transformed to have Christmas vibes all over it! Imagine how beautiful the rest of the levels will look with skillful artists like ours.

Gameplay: Our characters and narration

First and foremost, the player will meet the Leader Guardian. Gameplay demo introduces a total of five allied units from our roster and six different enemy units. Players will also get a bit more familiar with the story of the game and characters. Character design is heavily influenced by ancient cultures like Mayans, Aztecs and Mesopotamia. Leaders Guardian is designed to be a combination of female and male energies.  Hence the name consists of two, female and male, parts.

Leader Guardian is known as Urash-Anunit by its original name and is the first character players meet in The Forgotten Guardians. As the name suggests Urash-Unanit is the leading figure among the other guardians who guard the temple from the invaders. Urash-Unanit – Sun and the Moon, Emperor and Empress is a combination of wrath and love for fellow beings.

Gameplay character: Leader Guardian

Lesser Guardians in Demo & Gameplay

Allied units or lesser guardians in the demo are Snake, Komainu, Inari, Walrus and Ra. Each of these cost currency to build and have ultimate abilities. These are more powerful attacks performed by the guardians with a recharge period. Introducing ultimate abilities to guardians brings more depth into the gameplay and decision-making in each level.

Gameplay character: Snake
Gameplay character: Komainu

Snake – The Deceiver is known as Nagendra among Guardians. Nagendra honed the art of deception and for the treachery towards Urash and Unanit was condemned to guard the temple for eternity as punishment. Nagendras time is now.


Komainu – The Overseer is known as Brutus amongst its kind. Brutus was trusted advisor of Urash and master architect who designed the temple. Brutus spent countless days in the past to find a way to defend the temple forevermore from any ill that it might face in the future. Was all of this in vain?

Inari character card.
Walrus character card

Inari – The Royal Huntress is known as Lady Diala. Master of the hunt and husband of Walrus, is a cunningly agile predator for any invader to cross paths in the temple. It is said that no one escaped from The Royal Huntress. 


Walrus was known as The Seamaster, but for Diala he was a faithful husband known as Holwart before they decided to stay, and be immortalized as guardians of the temple. Together these two tamed every beast and sea.

Gameplay character: Ra
Backside of cards

Ra – The Lord of Time is simply known as Qiqess among its kind. Nothing more is known about this mysterious clocksmith. Even among the guardians his ability to bend time to his will create confusion.


One of our artist could not resist the temptation to create backside art for these cards! As usual, it is awesome piece of pixel art.

Enemy units in Demo & Gameplay

Enemy units draw inspiration from medieval ages and come in with various abilities. During the first 3 levels players get acquainted with Basic, Armored, Super Sturdy, Super Fast and Healer units. Greedy humans in the hopes of pillaging the temple have called the entire military might to conquer secrets of the Guardians.

Concept picture of enemies in the game

Variable amount of enemies in each level with various abilities are designed to create a challenging gameplay for the players, but since it’s Christmas time, we don’t want to make it too much of a challenge at this point. All you need to know at this point as a player is that humans can be cunning too!

Launch of the Demo awards well deserved Christmas-break for us

We as a company thrive to bring the best possible entertainment to people, after all Brakesoft – Entertaining people is our slogan. Hope you enjoy the Christmas, gameplay demo and spend some time to leave us feedback to improve our final product. Our team will recharge also during the holidays after the push to deliver a demo version of The Forgotten Guardians during the holidays.

We value the feedback, and the more we have testers, more we get feedback that actually changes the development process of the game. Don´t be shy, we value honesty here in Brakesoft. Our sole goal is to develop the next big thing in the tower defense genre and we are nothing without you, the players.

Feedback is collected via google forms.. After testing the game we would like to encourage each and everyone to leave a reply in written form here. Feeling positive about the game? Great, tell that! Found a bug? Great, point us to it! How does the gameplay loop feel? Anything, negative or positive, we will take it to heart! All feedback is anonymous and we do not collect any personal data. We hope you take the time to fill in the form and help us to help all of you to be entertained.

Don´t forget to follow our social media channels here for more info about our project and team! Happy holidays, enjoy Christmas wherever you are in the world! We sure are taking this change to recharge and come back refreshed, ready to take on the world of gaming by storm!

Decorative Christmas level

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