What is going on at Brakesoft: New project

Hello there and welcome back to our Game Dev Coffee Chat-series! We have been busy planning our next steps here in Brakesoft and learning from the last game development project. This post is about new beginnings and to tell all the readers we are back with a new team and new project which is going to blow all of you out of the water!

New project, new beginning

In our last blog post we talked about the soft launch of our latest game: Swift: Galaxy Trails. Now we would like to elaborate why we have decided to start a completely new project with a new team. Reasons for this are multiple, but most importantly we had many of the team members leave to face new challenges after the launch of Swift: Galaxy Trails and to recharge after all the effort put into development of the game. 

This left us with few old members from the last project and with a need to recruit new enthusiasts to start and plan our next steps. After working with Swift: Galaxy Trails for over a year and having to let go of most of the team, we decided to start a new, fresh project, with a new drive.

We felt that this is the better direction to go. You might be wondering why that is and the answer is simple: We are in a position to try and there is nothing more important than to try and produce the best possible results we can. Putting up a new team is a lot easier task for a new project than bringing new faces to work on the previous game we launched.

What does excitement look like?

Anyone who has worked in the indie gaming industry and start-up environment knows that most of us here are to learn, innovate and challenge ourselves. This is what Brakesoft is all about and we will keep trying until we make it.

This leads us to the new project we are cooking at the moment. Our team is currently 15 strong in different teams of the development process like art, programming, marketing, music and game design. We even have our very own scrum master for this project which is exciting for us all! Also our marketing and design teams are bigger than ever before. Overall our team is starting to be in a good shape and our fearless leader Apil can start to spend more time on the strategic planning, execution and improving leadership instead of recruiting fresh blood.

What is next?

Our development process is well on the way and everyone is excited about what the future holds for this project. All we can tell you now is that we are working on something that will

challenge your strategic thinking and keep you engaged for a bit longer. Our goal after all is to offer new and unique ways for our players to engage with their gaming experience.

Do not worry, we will be revealing all in good time when we have finalized our vision of this new game and will be publishing some sneak peeks from the game in the coming weeks. All we can tell you, readers, about the new game currently is that we are hard at work to develop something special for all of you to enjoy and entertain yourselves with! 

In the next blog post we will be revealing our working title and give all of you a glimpse into the game and what we have planned. We are eager to hear what you think and we would like to encourage you to share this post to your friends. Every share helps our community to grow, after all, we are all about our loyal community and building something special together.

Stay tuned for the next post, it is going to be exciting! If you are as excited as we are, do not forget to follow us on social media, links down below!


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